Repairs & Calibration

ProWeigh is able to offer complete on-site repair and calibration services to most makes of weighing equipment.

We are registered with the NMI (Natioanal Measurement Institute) under servicing license number SL-0655. This gives us the authority to verify scales used for trade use.
Our smallest test mass is 1mg and largest on-site is 10kg. We have around 600kg of traceable test masses in our workshop with access to a further 40 tonne through industry partners.


In the case of repairs, we have access to a full range of spares from popular brands such as CAS, AND, ADAM, PT, RINSTRUM and Avery Weigh-Tronix. Other brands are available as well.

In the case where spare parts are not readily available, ProWeigh has hire and loan scales available to keep you going while we wait for parts to arrive.

Hire scale are also available should you only require a scale for a short period of time. Counting scales during annual stock take for example.

Specials and Custom Weighing

ProWeigh is able to design, manufacture and install a full range of custom weighing systems purpose made for your application. This could be a simple weigh label printing system, an automatic check weigher, bagging/filling system or other process weighing control system.

Sometimes a standard of the shelf product doesn’t quite do what we want and requires a little bit of a tweak. A remote tare or print button that can be used with bulky gloves for example.

ProWeigh is also able to upgrade and repair existing weighing, bagging & batching systems.

We can also assist with the installation and commissioning of systems bought directly from overseas suppliers that have no local support.

Test Masses

We are able to supply a full range of test masses from mg to 1t. Stainless steel, brass or cast iron as standard or custom weights made to order.


ProWeigh can supply a range of accessories and add-ons for your weighing systems. These include remote displays, indicator lights and alarms, printers,weighing  control systems and more.


Scales of various capacities and sizes are also available for hire.

These could be counting scales used during annual stock take or possibly to see if a scale is really going to work in a particular process before you buy.

Rates are dependent on type and duration of hire.

Contact us for more information.