Load Cells & Pressure Transducers

There are many different types and capacities of load cells available.

No matter what your application, whether it’s for a low cost or high precision installation, weighing a few grams to hundreds of tons, wet or dry, aluminium or stainless steel, there will be a load cell to suit your requirements.

Based in Melbourne we Distribute Load Cells & Pressure Transducers Australia-wide

We have listed a few below for reference, please feel free to contact us for anything specific.

Need a custom weigh solution?

With a vast range of “off the shelf” items at our disposal there’s not much we can’t do. If we can’t find load cells to fit, we can have them custom made for the application. Contact us via 0415 833 702 or use the form on the right.


The stainless steel load pins have standard capacities of 6.5t, 12t, 25t & 55t with custom capacities available on request. These can be coupled to an industrial indicator to monitor loads and give feedback to higher level systems using a range of industrial outputs.


The PT4000 S-Type tension load cell is available in both metric and imperial capacities.

It has the largest capacity range of any of our load cells: 50lb to 20klb (UNF thread) in imperial and 20kg to 5t (Metric thread) in metric.



  • 3mV/V output
  • Wide capacity range 20kg ~ 5t & 50lb ~ 20klb
  • Rugged alloy tool steel electroless nickel plated
  • US and metric threads



  • Fully Stainless steel construction
  • IP68 sealing, fully wash down proof
  • Ideal for tanks and hoppers
  • Uplift restraint
  • Simple mounting
  • Earth bonding strap

PT HCC High Capacity


  • Fully sealed stainless steel case
  • Ideal for tanks and hoppers
  • Rugged construction
  • Standard mountings available


The PT8000 is a stainless steel bending beam with a hermetically sealed welded construction to IP68 standard.

This uniquely designed sensor allows for superior bellows operation through its full measurement cycle, providing better lifelong protection and accuracy.


  • Welded stainless steel enclosure
  • Industry standard size and shape
  • Large capacity range 5kg ~ 500kg
  • Comprehensive mounting accessory packages


Having a high number of specific capacities and low sensitivity to off-center loading allows better selection for accuracy in high speed weighers, check weighers, hopper scales & net weighers.

Available in 9 capacities from 50kg to 635kg with a maximum platform size of 600mm x 600mm. This is a perfect load cell for the light to medium bench and platform scale market.


  • Marine grade anodised finish
  • Protected with SURESEALT
  • Compact size, metric thread
  • Generous platform sizes to 600mm x 600mm


Construction is welded stainless steel sealed to IP68

PT HPT03 Pressure Transducer

The HPT03 series of pressure transducers by PT Limited are suitable for measuring the pressure of all kinds of non-crystalline liquids and gasses that are not rapidly changing, in industries such as aerospace, automotive, air conditioning, oil and gas. Especially suited for hydraulic pressure measurement.


  • Stainless steel wetted parts
  • High accuracy foil strain gauge
  • Easy installation
  • 4-20mA output for automation integration
  • Supplied with connector and cable