Check weighing & Metal Detection

In-line inspection systems need to be cost effective, reliable, easy to operate and maintain. Local access to spare parts, product specialists and service is of utmost importance.

ProWeigh uses the standard range of AND in-line check weighers and metal detectors which can be fitted to most production lines.

ProWeigh has a solution for your check weighing and metal detection needs

Check weighing

Check weighing has become an integral part of the modern manufacturing process.

Check weighers can be standalone manual scales, low speed in-line with gravity feed or motorised rollers or in-line high speed.

Benefits of check weighing.

  • Enhances Accuracy
  • Reduces Product Giveaway
  • Ensure Product Quality
  • Meet Regulatory Requirements
  • In-line check weighing
  • Checks all items on the production line
  • Improve efficiency and throughput of production

Considerations when buying a check weigher?

  1. Fit for the task at hand – If it’s in a wash down environment, you need equipment rated to this environment.
  2. Performance – It needs to be able to perform at the speeds and accuracy required, consistently without error.
  3. Quality – It’s in your production line… You want the reliability of a quality product.
  4. Local service – It’s in your production line… If it breaks, you need it fixed fast.

Metal Detectors

Metal contaminants in food products can be a massive problem for manufacturers. These foreign objects could be in the raw material to start with or could be as a result machine failure or maintenance taking place on the production line. Nobody wants to find a bolt in their steak & onion pie! This is not only to improve product quality but is also becoming a necessity due to standard retail requirements. All the major food retailers are insisting that their suppliers test for metal contamination in their products.

From AND
“If you need to ensure products are within a certain weight range and free of metal contaminants, our check weighers and metal detectors are sure to provide an ideal solution. Innovative, reliable and cost effective, your inspection systems will improve production quality and reduce waste and costs from day 1.”

AND AD 4961 In-line checkweigher

With a newly developed digital load cell and an ultra-high speed processing module, high level precision of 0.08g (3)*1 has been realized. With this high accuracy checkweigher, you can minimize the giveaway of materials above the specified weight and contribute to reductions in production costs.


  • 7 inch colour touch panel
  • Image import from USB
  • IP65
  • Stores up to 1000 products
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Unique modular design

AND AD 4971 In-line metal detector

You can conduct high sensitivity detection with simple and easy operation. The optimal sensitivity setting can be set through the auto sensitivity settings.

The phase tracking function enables minimization of product phase and allows constant high sensitivity inspection.


  • 7 inch colour touch panel
  • Image import from USB
  • Stores up to 1000 products
  • IP65
  • Modbus communication
  • History function

EZI Check Dynamic Roller

The EZI-Check™ AUTO Motorised Roller scale is a freestanding, powered roller weighing system that can be incorporated into new or existing production lines allowing automated and precise checking of cartons for missing or damaged products.

The EZI-Check™ AUTO can operate ‘stand-alone’ or be fully integrated into existing process control systems, providing peace of mind for you and your customers.


  • Can typically check up to 50 cartons per minute
  • “Start/Stop” or continuous weighing modes available
  • Rejection modules can be added or the EZI-Check
  • AUTO can be interfaced with existing reject
  • Additional visual and audible alarm options available